International RiverFoundation | European Riverprize Gala | 3 March 2016 | City Hall Vienna

18:45 – 22:30  Evening - The third European Riverprize Gala
City Hall of Vienna, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1, 1010 Vienna

The Segura River of Spain has been named the winner of the International RiverFoundation’s 2016 European Riverprize.

The third European Riverprize was awarded at the Gala Dinner during the European River Symposium 2016 on 3 March in the City Hall of Vienna. This event is traditionally, attended by all of those involved in different areas of river management all over Europe and is a fantastic networking and professional development opportunity. The conference fee included the admission to the Gala Dinner.

2016 European Riverprize Finalists
prizeThe Aragon River (Spain), the Segura River (Spain) and the River Trent (UK) where finalists in the 2016 European Riverprize, awarded by the International RiverFoundation (IRF). IRF awards the Riverprize annually to those demonstrating outstanding results in sustainable river management and protection across the European continent. Applicants were judged by an independent panel of experts in a range of river management fields. “All three finalists, while different in nature, scale and timelines, have shown results in restoring both natural river processes and nature conservation,” said Bart Fokkens, Chair of the European Riverprize judging panel. “They all have a relatively long history of developing and adjusting the management framework and have expanded from dealing with one single issue to an integrated management approach.  All finalists applied a multi partner approach and have learned from existing best practices, but also created their own.”

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2016 European Riverprize Finalists
The Aragon River (Spain) 
The Segura River (Spain)
The River Trent (UK)

Thiess International Riverprize
The winner of the award (The Segura River) was announced on 3 March at the European River Symposium in Vienna. In addition, the winner of the 2016 European Riverprize will automatically qualify for the second stage of the prestigious Thiess International Riverprize in 2016. The European Riverprize is open to applicants from 47 European countries who can demonstrate outstanding, visionary and sustainable programs in river management, restoration or protection - regardless of the size of the river or the scale of the project. All Riverprize finalists and winners receive recognition and reward for their achievements, and join an elite group of Riverprize alumni who are supported by the IRF and its global partners to continue their efforts and share their experiences with communities around the world who can benefit from it most.

The International RiverFoundation also awards the New Zealand, Australian and North American Riverprizes—as well as the prestigious Thiess International Riverprize—to those who achieve the best outcomes in river and basin management globally. In 2014, the River Rhine took out the Thiess International Riverprize after being awarded the inaugural IRF European Riverprize the previous year.

The previous European Riverprize winners were:
- 2013 River Rhine
  (All basin countries and became the winner of the International Riverprize in 2014)

- 2014 River Mur (Austria)

For more information about the Riverprize visit International RiverFoundation - Reviving the World's Rivers